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Better on Draft | Craft Beer Podcast

Nov 27, 2022

For nearly 15 years, Jack Zetouna has been assisting craft beer fans in the Metro Detroit area by having the latest and greatest beers always. If you talk to anyone from the area, Zetouna Liquor is always one of the top suggestions for out of towners to get a taste of Michigan beer and booze as well. Jack has cultivated a loyal fanbase which he talks about giving us the rundown of his 2020/2021, the future of his industry and the customers he caters to, and gives his bold prediction of what we will see next in craft beer.

MICHIGAN SERIES: Having brought in guests from all over the country this past two years, we wanted to still be true to our roots, so we have began the Michigan Series. A series of Michigan Brewery owners, employees, brewers, and sales reps, talking about what is happening here in the state and what is happening at their facilities.

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