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Better on Draft | Craft Beer Podcast

Jul 30, 2022

CRAFT BEER PODCAST INFO: A last minute cancellation by our guest left us with an opening and Nick Cornell of SuperNatural Brewing came on to help us! Nick gives us a lesson in Brewpub ownership and laws, discusses the booze program at SuperNatural including their upcoming tastings, and how they’ve managed to continue to grow year over year by putting out amazing food, nightly entertainment, and delicious beer. We appreciate Nick for joining us last minute, and hope you can check out their facility.

MICHIGAN SERIES: Having brought in guests from all over the country this past year, we wanted to still be true to our roots, so we have began the Michigan Series. A series of Michigan Brewery owners, employees, brewers, and sales reps, talking about what is happening here in the state and what is happening at their facilities.

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