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Better on Draft | Craft Beer Podcast

Aug 15, 2022

AS A NOTE: The beginning of the show Ken’s microphone was muted so it does feel a little out of order. We did our best to keep the dead air down but keep the conversation going! Adam Powers has had his mark on the industry for a long time now. Whether it’s been finding bands, performing in one, managing the Captain Pabst taproom, and selling all of the heritage brands in the Pabst portfolio, he’s done it all. Adam sat down with us to chat about his time in the industries including what he feels Pabst next few moves are, we discuss the distribution strategy of brands like Old Style and Natty Boh, he gives us a history of Stroh’s including its recent brewing at Brew Detroit and more recent entrance back into the community, and we talk about the 1844 beer pack that Pabst had for sale.

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